• Image of Open-Shaded Script 2.0 Exemplars PDF Download
  • Image of Open-Shaded Script 2.0 Exemplars PDF Download
  • Image of Open-Shaded Script 2.0 Exemplars PDF Download
  • Image of Open-Shaded Script 2.0 Exemplars PDF Download

Open-Shaded Script 2.0 Exemplars PDF Download
20 8.5 x 11 Pages
31.5 MB
4-C & B/W
Print at 100% (NOT fit-to-page.)

(Please note: You may purchase Cursive Crush & Open-Shaded Script together as a set if you wish, which is a better price.

Instruction on letter formation of minuscules & majuscules, spacing, envelope folding/addressing, and letter writing. Flourished flowers and accents are also included.

Open-Shaded Script

Open-shaded letterforms based on principles of script writing done with pointed pen.
Using a mono linear tool to describe the contour of a shaded stroke offers insight into its construction with its native tools, the broad-edge, pointed pen, or paint brush.

Drawing these letter forms is not only useful in sketching out and planning of larger projects to be later filled in with ink, I believe they are also a valid and beautiful class of letter forms in and of themselves. Because these letter forms are drawn with tools more commonly used today, they are the style I use more frequently in my everyday writing, and therefore, have become more useful and precious to me than anything created with a dip pen.

I am constantly writing letters and notes, whether on a chalkboard for my students, wedding signage for clients, fabric labels, canvas bags, handkerchiefs, monograms, journal pages, letters to friends, and much more.

Rendering a shade with a contour line offers the artist another opportunity to love the letter and learn more about the letter, and deepen your understanding of its relationship with other forms and unique features. Expression of the universal line of beauty need not be restricted to our ability to carry a pointed pen and ink well around with us every day.

We can, with any mono linear tool and at any moment, study and celebrate our love of these forms with a crayon on the back of a paper menu, a pencil at the top of a grocery list, a marker labeling a box of preserved memories or a bag of home-made treats for a friend, the inside label of our child’s school uniform, every page in our journal entries, letters to friends, notes to beloved partners, and even our fingers in the sand.